What support does Grok provide for my course?

If you are a university customer of Grok Learning, we will typically provide the following access & support to help you run your course on Grok Learning. The precise details can be customised to your needs and will be confirmed in your contract or work order with Grok.

Platform access:

Platform access services includes:

  • platform access for lecturers, TAs, tutors, and enrolled students
  • automated marking and feedback on problems
  • single-sign on (SSO) integration for University UniKey users
  • University branding on courses and the learning interface

Teaching support:

Teaching support services include:

  • authoring system for slides, problems, and automarking
  • teacher dashboard access for lecturers, TAs and tutors
    • access to student progress and learning analytics
    • access to individual student submissions
  • support for lecturers and TAs in managing students:
  • export of student progress
  • automated plagiarism detection and reports
  • private messaging and tutor response triage system

Technical support:

Technical support services include:

Special support periods:

Typically Grok offers the following special support periods. The precise details are confirmed in your contract or work order with Grok.

1. Priority support periods

Each course may request up to 12 hours of priority service per semester in minimum 1-hour periods (e.g. during exams or before assignments are due). Additional priority service must be negotiated and will attract an additional fee. Priority support periods may be agreed via email with at least 14 days notice. 

During priority periods:

  • Grok will dedicate staff to provide priority phone support and monitor the platform closely. 
  • We will resolve any outages within 10 minutes. This guarantee is limited to platform downtime, and explicitly excludes incidents caused by the incorrect configuration of the platform or external systems by University staff.

During normal (non-priority) periods, Grok will provide an average uptime of 99.5% over the semester (13 teaching weeks, one mid-semester break week, and one study vacation week). This corresponds to no more than 12 hours of downtime per semester.

2. Maintenance support periods

Grok Learning may request up to 12 hours of maintenance outside of extended teaching hours (8am to 9pm Monday to Saturday) and 15 minutes within extended teaching hours. During maintenance periods, the platform may be offline or have degraded performance. The maintenance period is excluded from the normal period average uptime. Any maintenance period will be communicated to you via email.