How can I contact Grok for help?

If you need help with Student Management, Course Authoring, or any other issues relating to technical support for your courses, here are some ways you can contact Grok Academy. 

Contact How to contact What type of support

All Course Coordinators, Authors, and Tutors are provided with a support email address to contact Grok Academy.

If you don't have a specific support email address, contact our normal support channel by emailing 

Majority of technical support requests. 

All Course Coordinators, Authors, and Tutors are directed to use the main Grok Academy Phone number in case of any issues regarding the site or their course in particular.

Phone: (02) 7208 9495

Select either Tertiary, or Support

For use at all hours during the business period.

If you require support outside of business hours, or additional support during business hours, please contact us in advance to set up an arrangement.