Exam Review Checklist


See the Details section below for more information on getting to the relevant pages and how to check them.

Module sign-off

Within the warnings page:

Is the main module still in draft?
Are any problems still in draft?

Do problems have points if they need them?


Does the Course Scoring Type suit the module's scoring?

Exam Preview

Within the preview view of the exam:

Is all cover-slide information about the exam location and time correct?
Is an academic honesty statement included?
Are restrictions on leaving after completion (e.g., not in last 10 minutes) mentioned in the cover slide.
Does the cover-slide include browser restrictions? (e.g., allowed browsers, permitted numbers of tabs)
Does cover-slide information on questions (list of questions, number of marks) correspond to actual content?
Does each problem's reference solution pass all the marking tests?
Are all problem types consistent? (e.g., if tests are named as hidden, are they all the same type?)

CourseModule Settings

Within the coursemodule settings panel:

Is the start time correct?
Is the end time correct?
Does the "Closes at" field match exam end time to prevent student access to questions after exam?
Is the "Show solutions" field set far into future to prevent student access to solutions after exam completion?
Is the "Show assessments" field set far into future to prevent student access to Assess and Review test cases after exam completion?
Is the LTI scoring type appropriate for the result being sent back to the LMS?

LTI Info

Does using the LMS link to the exam get registered? (see How do I test my LTI links?)


Warnings Page

To get to the warnings page, visit the course administration page (Authoring->Courses) and click the View Warnings button.

Scroll down to the module for the exam you are checking and look for any draft warnings.

If any parts are still in draft, they should be signed off.

CourseModule Settings

Find the course module by using "Manage CourseModules" from the course admin page:

You can then scroll to the panel relating to the exam you are reviewing. The fields that should be checked are circled here:

Start and End and Closing times

These define when the exam is available to attempt. Students can't access the questions (to read or attempt) until after the "Starts at" time. Any submissions made after the "Ends at" are accepted but marked as late. After the "Closes at" time has passed no more submissions are allowed and further access to the module by students is prevented.

For an exam, we recommend that "Starts at" should match the official start time of the exam, and "Ends at" and "Closes at" be both set to the official end time of the exam.

Solutions and Assessment availability

Solutions included within a coursemodule are made visible after the "Show solutions" time. Also, results of any tests of type "Assess" or "Review" (see Test cases for problems) are made available after the "Show assessments" time.

For summative exams it is expected solutions and test feedback will not be made available to students after the exam, so we recommend that both these fields be set far into future.

LTI Scoring Type

The LTI scoring type determines what information is returned via LTI to the LMS for each student's exam results. The current options are "None" (no information returned) or "Module Percent" (total score, as fraction of available points)

For exams where LTI is used to return results to the LMS, you must choose "Module Percent".

Exam Preview

Go to the coursemodule settings, and select "Go To module".

From the module administration page you can them choose the Preview button to take you to the orange view (Preview) of the module, where you can inspect each slide and try each problem without affecting the submission history.