Signing off on modules or problems

Modules and problems have a status field to represent whether they are ready or not. Typically you will only use the Draft and Signed off statuses, unless you are working in a team that requires coordination among multiple course authors. 

If the course is visible, all problems in the course are also visible. However unless the problem / module is marked as Signed Off (or Minor Review) it will display a warning message for users stating that it is not yet released. Before enrolling students in the course, you should make sure all modules and problems are signed off. See our  Course Readiness checklist

When should I sign off on problems and modules?

For each module and problem, you should satisfy yourself that it is correct before signing off. This includes:

  • (for problems) running the sample solution, and marking it, to make sure that all the tests work as expected, and that the correct answer is provided. 
  • (for modules) checking that the slides appear correctly and the problem is in the right place within the module.
  • (for modules) checking that the module start and end date is appropriate. 

How do I sign off problems and modules? 

Problems and modules are signed off from the individual Module page or Problem page. 

On each page, on the "Review Log" tab, click the "Change authoring state" button. Add a comment describing what you have done, and change the status as required. 

Hint! If you are a doing a lot at once, the easiest way to do this is from the Warnings page, as this gives you a list of all the Modules and Problems. 

  • From the warnings page, click on the blue "Module" button to Preview the module
  • Check everything is correct. If you are happy with the module, go back to the Warnings page. 
  • Click the blue hyperlink in the Module column (left column). This opens the Module Authoring page
  • Click the "Change authoring state" button on the Review Log tab
  • Enter a comment and change the status to "Signed off"

What do the different statuses mean?

Status What this means
Draft The problem/module is in draft. 
Needs tests The problem is complete but the test cases have not been written. 
To check The problem needs to be reviewed. 
Signed off The problem has been reviewed and is ready to use. 
Minor review The problem needs some minor changes but is ready to use. 

From a user point of view "Minor Review" and "Signed Off" are equivalent. From an authors point of view, you can edit without leaving a review message if the course is in "Minor Review". If the object is in "Signed Off" you must leave a comment if you change anything and try to save it.