How do I test my LTI links?

Within your course settings, there is a page called LTI Info. This page helps you review and debug your LTI links. 

How do I confirm that my LTI links are correct? 

Once the LTI tool is installed in your LMS, you can test the links are working.

  1. Click each link from the LMS and confirm it goes to the correct Grok module (or select a CourseModule if you've not yet done so).
  2. Review the LTI Info page to confirm that each module has the correct link.

What is the LTI info page?

The LTI info page shows each of the incoming LTI links for each Grok course module. 

The name in the LTI resource column is the object name from your LMS (eg. Canvas), which shows the name and ID of the LMS object that links to the module.

Confirm that the name in the LTI resource column is the correct source for this Grok course. In the screenshot below, the Grok course module "My first module" is linked to the Canvas object "module-1". 

If there are multiple LTI resources listed, that means this Grok CourseModule is linked from multiple places in your LMS. Confirm if this is what you expect. 

What if the links are wrong?

If the link from your LMS to Grok is incorrect, there are two options:

  1. Change the resource's target CourseModule using the dropdown
    The target course module can't be edited once any results are created.
  2. Delete the resource link and re-link
    This will delete any existing results for this resource.
    Then go back to the LMS, click the LTI link, and choose a new target CourseModule.