How do I connect LTI to my course?

LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) allows external LMS (Learning Management Systems, eg. Canvas) to send their students directly into a Grok module. It's a form of SSO as the students Grok account will be created automatically, and marks will be sent back to the LMS automatically.

Our LTI integration creates a link to a specific CourseModule - not just to the course. It is possible to make hybrid courses where some modules are available normally in Grok and others are only available via LTI. Typically we set it up such that the LMS makes new material available each week, which unlocks a new module in Grok. 

Once the LTI tool is installed in your LMS, you'll need to visit each resource link (eg. each assignment) to choose a target CourseModule.

How do students enrol in a course via LTI?

To enrol in a CourseModule via LTI, the student must follow the link from the LMS to Grok for each new module. Once an LTI enrolment has been created for a student, they will be able to log in to Grok via any method and see that module inside Grok. 

How do I enable LTI for my course?

  1. Contact Grok Support to add the LTI institution to the course. Please provide the name of the course in your email (or a link to the course!) and the name of the LTI institution (typically this would be the same as the course institution). 
  2. For each course module that will be available via LTI, click the "Require LTI" checkbox (or check that the Grok Support team has done this for you).
  3. At the top of Course Modules page, the LTI information will be summarised. This information needs to be given to the LMS administrators:
    1. Your course name and/or link to your course in the LMS (eg. Canvas)
    2. The LTI launch URL (make sure this is copied exactly, including the trailing slash).
  4. Once the LTI tool is installed in your LMS, set up the resource links.
    1. Click each link from the LMS and choose the desired Grok module.
    2. Review the LTI info page to confirm that each module has the correct link.

How do I set up marks to send back to my LMS?

LTI only allows transmission of a single number per student per CourseModule, a number between 0 and 1. This represents the "mark" that the student obtained in that CourseModule. 

On the Grok side, we have created a mechanism to translate the marking results from the CourseModule into a single numeric mark. The mechanism is Module Percentage, which divides the total points obtained in the module, by the total possible points available for that module. 

To enable grades to be sent back to your LMS, choose "Module Percentage" as the LTI Scoring Type for each CourseModule. You must also check that:

  • the LMS side of things is configured to accept mark passback
  • the ModuleProblems in the CourseModule have points configured for them