How do I test my LTI links in Canvas as a student?

As a Course coordinator, Canvas has the ability to view the course in "Student View". This is available from the right hand side menu:

When you are in Student View, Canvas has a purple outline and "You are currently logged into Student View" at the bottom. Click on the LTI link you want to test. In this case, let's test the Module 1 LTI link. Click on Module 1.

This opens the module as the test student.

 Clicking on the LTI link will then open that Grok CourseModule, logged in as this test student. Note: if you are currently logged into Grok Learning as yourself, opening an LTI link as the test student will log you out of your existing Grok Learning account. As such, you might want to use Canvas' Student View in a private/incognito window so that you don't lose your Grok Learning session while testing the LTI links.

After you've clicked on the link, you should see the Learning Interface open to the appropriate CourseModule in your course, logged in as the test student account.