Configuring a Logo (Turtle) Problem

Turtle problems allow students to use the Python Turtle API to make programs that draw vector graphics.

Basic Configuration Details

These problems are configured with Language: Logo.

Marking a Logo problem requires using the Python 3 Logo driver, with the Logo Diff checker.

Beta: It is now possible to use the Python 3 Function driver with the Logo Diff checker. Care must be taken to configure the failure message template for this combination of driver / checker. Please ask us for assistance if you'd like to mark questions with this configuration.

Initialisation file

You can include turtle commands in a special initial workspace file -- -- in order to set up the turtle world (if needed). These commands will be executed before any commands in (or program.blockly) and will be saved (on a Terminal run) in the logo-final and logo-animation data used in an inline snippet.

The workspace file needs to have the following File Settings to function correctly:

  • undeletable, unrenamable, readonly,hidden, exportable

If using an inline snippet, it must have the following parameters:;readonly;hidden;exportable;eg:your-eg-id;

Supported API Features

The following commands from the Turtle API are supported:

  • Movement commands: forward, backward, right, left, goto
  • Set position and heading: setx, sety, setheading
  • Shorthand drawing commands: circle, dot
  • World configuration: bgcolor, degrees, radians, reset, clear, setworldcoordinates
  • State information: position, towards, xcor, ycor, heading, distance
  • Pen configuration: pensize, penup, pendown, pen, isdown
  • Colours: color, pencolor, fillcolor, colormode
  • Fills: filling, begin_fill, end_fill
  • Turtle Appearance: showturtle, hideturtle, isvisible, speed, shape, settiltangle, tilt, tiltangle, get_shapepoly, getshapes

Author-only API Features (custom API)

Grok has added new API hooks to allow an author to use features that are not in the Python Turtle AP.

bgurl(image_url) -- Set the background to an image loaded via an asset URL. The background image should be 400 x 300 in size, to match the shape of the Turtle display window. Images that are smaller than this size will tile across the background. Use this api hook inside a workspace file.