Course Certificates

Certificates are configured on the Course authoring page:[courseID]

Each certificate type has a different base certificate which must be set, and some require a badge image. The badge image can uploaded as an Asset via the Upload a badge asset button, and linked in the Certificate badge field. (for more details see What assets are needed for a course badge icon?)

Certificate type Certificate base Requires badge?
Grok Graded grok-[c|p|m|cr|d|hd|x].pdf N
Challenge challenge-[YYYY].pdf N
PD Workshop pd-workshop-certificate.pdf N
Grok Ungraded grok-ungraded-certificate.pdf Y
ACA Ungraded aca-ungraded-certificate.pdf Y

Should the certificates be released? determines whether to show the certificate download options to students (on the course page) and teachers (in the teacher dashboard).

An example of an ACA Ungraded certificate: