Deleting progress on a module

Often when you are working on a module, you'll need to delete a problem. But when you go to delete the problem it throws up an error saying that there is progress on the module.

When you (or any course author) view a course "live" it creates progress on that course, things like saved code, or submissions. The best way to avoid this is to use "Preview" mode instead. However sometimes you want to see exactly what the whole course looks like, and so viewing the course live can't be avoided.

To solve this, you'll need to delete the progress you've created. This will remove all you, and your tutors, saved code and submissions from the entire module (so make sure they aren't using this to save answers or temporary work).

Before you continue, *make sure you are editing a course that isn't live*. If you need to delete a problem from a course that is live (aka being used by students) then please talk to Grok staff.

1. Click the "Delete progress" button on the module
Screen-Shot-2019-02-19-at-10-38-32-am.png2. You'll get a popup that looks like this:

Screen-Shot-2019-02-19-at-10-39-34-am.png3. Verify that everything looks as you expect. For example, there are only a few Saved Code records and Submissions. If there are hundreds then you may be deleting progress from something live, and we can look into it further for you.

4. Type in the "Confirmation phrase" as instructed in the modal and click "Delete Progress"

5. Depending on how much progress there is, this may take some time.

You should now be able to delete the problem you are trying to delete and save the module.