Student access to other Grok Learning courses

Are you hosting a course on Grok Learning?

Depending on the arrangements between Grok Learning and your institution, your students may be eligible for All-Access subscriptions to Grok Learning. This means they can access all the other content on Grok for 12 months. 

How do I enable the all-access subscription for my students?

Any Course Coordinator must explicitly enrol the students in your course using our enrolment process on Grok. 

(If the student came to Grok via LTI without being explicitly enrolled, they won't have received the all-access subscription.)

You can retroactively apply the subscription to your students by explicitly enrolling them in your course. Even if they are already enrolled, this is ok. Re-enrolling them won't do anything except apply the all-access subscription. See the link below if you need a reminder of how to do this.