What is a Course Author?

The Course Author can change the details of a course (see: Authoring Guide). There are various different permission levels within Course Authoring. 

Authoring permissions have an expiry date which was set when you initially requested permission. If your access has expired, please contact Grok Support to give you access again. 

Getting course authoring permissions

If you need access to additional permissions, please contact Grok Support, provide your course name, and describe what information you are trying to edit. 

Examples of Authoring permissions:

  • Change the course title
  • Change course dates
  • Change Visibility of the course
  • Change whether the course is Released 
  • Change assessments
  • etc
Due to the level of permissions granted, we typically reserve Course Authoring permissions for university lecturers. 

Viewing course authoring permissions

Your own authoring permissions are shown at the top of the Admin homepage.

If you want to view authoring permissions for everyone at your institution, go to Admin -> View -> Admin Access

Here you can see exactly who at your institution has access to what level of content. (Note: the screenshot below uses dummy data).