How do I revise my course on Grok?

Sometimes Grok courses need revising. How should we handle this process? 

Minor revisions (which do not affect correctness)

Some revisions are minor. For example, fixing typos, making small wording changes, adding additional examples to a slide, etc. In particular, a revision is considered minor where it does not change the correctness of problem solutions. 

In this case you can simply make the changes in the existing courses. Current users will likely not notice any substantial change, and future users can get the benefit of the updates. 

Major revisions (which do affect correctness)

Some revisions are major. For example:

  • structural changes, like addition of slides or a question,
  • significantly changing the test cases for a question,
  • changing the order of the questions / slides.

Sometimes the revisions are not structural, but are significant changes to the content that you want to release all at once (there's no way to edit-in-place and publish all at once).

A revision is considered major where it changes the correctness of problem solutions. If your change would cause a previously submitted solution to become incorrect, we recommend using the course revision process below. 

Remember to communicate with users as appropriate! If this is a school course, we recommend planning to email teachers to let them know. For example, you can say that there is a new version of this course, but if students are working in the old course, they will still have access to it. Teachers can choose whether to assign students to the new course or continue to use the old one. 

Course revision process - for major revisions

Our recommended course revision process is to clone the course, make the revisions, release the new course, and potentially hide the old course from new users. This has the advantage that current users will experience no disruption - they can continue working in the old version of the course and it will still appear on their launchpad. We can continue to calculate enrolment statistics in both versions of the course separately.

You will need to coordinate with Grok support to help you with this process. 

Our standard process for university courses is to clone & replace the course each semester. Other courses only get revised when deemed necessary. 

We recommend doing the course changeover at an appropriate time, eg. school holidays, uni semester boundaries, etc. to mitigate user confusion.