User expiry and universities

As part of our commitment to your privacy and security, all Grok accounts will expire if they have been inactive for 18 months (ie. if you haven't logged in for 18 months). 

If an account expires, we remove the Personal Information from the account. Unless the account is reactivated, the expired account is not identifiable in any way. 

You can read more about account expiry in our full FAQ here. 

What about retention requirements for students at universities? 

We understand that most universities have minimum retention periods for all submitted student work. All student work submitted through Grok is retained indefinitely. 

If a student's Grok account expires, their Personal Information is removed from the account, but all other data remains. This includes all submitted work. If you need access to student work that was submitted historically and you can no longer view it directly via the Dashboard, please email us to request access to the student data.