What support does Grok provide for exams & assessments?

If you're hosting exams or other assessments on Grok, we can:

  • provide priority support for the duration of your exam/assessment. 
  • review your exam or assessment to make sure that it's correctly configured.
  • other custom support - email us!

Priority support for exams/assessments

For details on priority support periods, see our support FAQ. Email us with your exam / assessment details to request priority support for the duration of your exam/assessment.

Review for exams & assessments

We are happy to review your exam/assessment on Grok beforehand, to make sure that all the content & settings look correct. 
If you'd like us to do this review, please email us with the completed exam/assessment link 5 business days prior to the exam/assessment date. (If we don't review the exam/assessment ahead of time and there's an error which disrupts students ability to complete the exam/assessment, it's hard for us to help you fix this during the exam/assessment.)