How do I hide an exam or quiz from students after it's due?

Often, you will want to "hide" an exam or quiz from your students after it's due. This is to stop students sharing the questions to the exam, or sharing the quiz format with students in a future semester, for example. 

You can do this using the "Close" date on a  CourseModule. The Close date determines visibility / access to the CourseModule. Once the Close date has passed, only tutors and course coordinators will be able to access the CourseModule. If the Close date is set, the End date must be set. The Close date might be the same or later than the End date.

In practice, you can adjust the End Date and Close Date to suit your needs: 

  • For an exam, we recommend setting the End and Close date for shortly after the exam end time, to allow for exam overtime. A 30 minute buffer should be sufficient. If you are present at the exam, you can always edit the End and Close dates and set them to "now" once the exam has actually closed.
  • For a stand-alone quiz, we recommend setting the Close date for the end of semester. This allows students to receive their marks and review the quiz, but not share the quiz with students in a future semester. 
  • For a quiz that is held over multiple sessions (eg. a lab quiz), we recommend setting the Close date for shortly after the end of the quiz, just like an exam. This prevents students from sharing the quiz with students in the next lab session.